The Mission is to help you maintain your computer so it is not infected with malware, spyware and or viruses.

    I originally set up this site in 2006 for my family, friends & customers, so they could recognize the problems on their computers, and a place to run these quick cleanup utilities.
Sure, I can come to your house and charge you to clean up your computer,  but if you are not aware of the causes of these problems, then you will reinfect your computer as soon as I leave.

There are several basic programs to run to clean up your computer now -
Choose "Clean Up Now" from the menu above and
be sure to view the tutorial on "Run these 1st".
  If you are not sure what spyware or malware is, go to the "Videos" page to find out.

  • you may now download this entire site to your own computer - Install now, comes with an uninstall feature.    or      Download the Zip file (144Mb) and choose starthere.htm or open the autorun.exe 

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